Environment and Safety

Quality Control

When you enlist Companized to design and produce a product for you, you can expect quality from start to finish.

Over the course of 25 years, we have worked directly with factories in China – without agents or middlemen – and therefore we control all of the production processes ourselves:

  • Development of a prototype
  • Development of 3D and technical drawings
  • Printstart and colour adjustment
  • Finished sample for approval
  • Approval of purchase of materials from sub-contractor (in-line inspection)
  • Production
  • Quality control (final QC)
  • Sea or air freight
  • Repacking at own warehouse or delivery directly to the customer

AQL 4.0
Our Danish purchasers travel regularly to China to carry out quality control on all goods at the factories.

As part of the quality control procedure, the finished products are compared with the sample, which has already been approved, and we use the international standard AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) 4.0 for the purposes of this.

In addition, we carry out functional testing of the products so that we can be sure that they function as intended. Therefore, if a zip does not glide smoothly, if the wrong colour has been used in printed matter, or if lid and receptacle do not fit together, the product is rejected.

We have had a longstanding relationship with our suppliers, which means that they are au fait with all criteria and specifications in advance. As a result, it is rare that problems arise.

If a problem does however arise, we will resolve it at once on the spot, such that we are still able to deliver within the agreed timeframe.

Our Danish purchasers are all professionally trained, and the timetable of approx. 100 quality control checks a year has meant they have built up a solid foundation of experience.

If you would also like us to ensure that your products are free from faults – just give us a call.


Recyclable Material

Tin is 100% recyclable, and is therefore one of the most sustainable packaging materials on the market today.

METAL recycles forever™”. 

The trade organisation Metal Packaging Europe (MPE) has launched a common European recycling logo for metal – “METAL recycles forever™”.

The logo sends out a clear visual signal to your European consumers that you have chosen a sustainable material for your packaging. A material which, in principle, can be recycled an infinite number of times, and has a high recycling rate.

By bearing this logo, your product will contribute to sending a message to the world that metal – by comparison with many other materials – is a highly recyclable material which reduces the global consumption of resources.


Quality Assurance Of Food Contact Materials (FKM)

Companized is registered with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, and therefore we are subject to regular checks with respect to legislation on wholesale trade and food contact materials. (findsmiley.dk)

Companized products are always evaluated and documented in accordance with the following EU legislation for food contact materials:

  • EU directive 1907/2006 concerning REACH, and appendix XVII
  • EU directive 1935/2004/EC concerning food contact materials
  • EU directive 10/2011 concerning food contact materials made of plastic
  • EU directive 94/62/EC and amendment 2004/12/EC concerning the heavy metal content in food contact materials
  • EU directive 2023/2006/EC – ”good manufacturing practice” (GMP) for production of food contact materials
  • Declaration no. 822 of 26 June 2013 concerning food contact materials

Products, varnish and coatings are tested to see if they meet the following standards:

  • LFGB
  • EN1186 Migrations test
  • EN13130:2004 Migrations test of bisphenol

We ensure that our customers are always supplied with the necessary statement of compliance for those products which come into contact with foodstuffs.

We can also deliver products which require packing in a dust-free environment.

If you have any questions for FKM, please call us on.

Quality Assurance Of Merchandise

All Companized A/S products are produced in accordance with relevant Danish and EU legislation:

  • EU directive 1907/2006 concerning REACH, and appendix XVII
  • EU directive 2009/48 concerning toys
  • Danish phthalate declaration for products intended for small children 0-3 years
  • The safety criteria of the Danish Safety Technology Authority

We have been manufacturing toys for over 25 years, and we therefore have a great deal of experience with safety evaluation and laboratory testing. We coordinate with the advisory consultative firm Altox A/S, which gives us running updates regarding standards and criteria set out in Danish and EU law.

All of the toys we produce are:

  • Tested in accordance with EN 71 parts 1, 2 and 3
  • Subjected to a safety evaluation in accordance with the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s safety criteria
  • All teddy bears are approved for children aged 0 to 3 years
  • CE-marked
  • Batch-marked, such that the product can always be traced

We have many years’ experience with clothes and textiles for children, in the production of which there is a major focus on minimising the use of harmful substances, and as a basic rule we only manufacture products which are certified as conforming to the Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

The label indicates that the product has been tested and approved, as well as ensuring that the product conforms to EU regulations concerning chemical content:

  • REACH appendix XVII, point. 43 concerning Azo-dyes.
  • REACH appendix XVII, point. 27 concerning nickel in garment fittings, e.g. zips and buttons.

If you would like more information on whether your product should be tested, please give us a call




CSR/Risk Management

Companized delivers on UN Global Compact’s 10 principles

  • The company should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.
  • The company will ensure that it does not contribute to infringements of human rights.
  • The company should maintain freedom of association and effectively acknowledge the right to collective bargaining.
  • The company should support the eradication of all forms of forced labour.
  • The company should support effective abolition of child labour; and
  • The company should abolish discrimination in relation to work and employment relations.
  • The company should support precautionary approaches to environmental challenges.
  • The company should take initiative in promoting greater environmental accountability.
  • The company should encourage the development and proliferation of environmentally-friendly technologies.
  • The company should work to counter all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

In addition, Companized utilises suppliers who are certified by BSCI and SEDEX. It is highly important that the suppliers provide the social certifications which Companized vets in regular quality control checks.

Risk Management Program (RMP)

We have developed our own RMP which encompasses quality control, food safety, product safety and economic risk coverage.

By monitoring all production and test processes ourselves, we guarantee that the customer will receive the agreed upon product, exactly as requested, each and every time.

All standards and procedures are documented and archived both for our own use and for the customer’s use vis-à-vis public authorities or other bodies which have an interest in these matters.

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Nordic Travel Retail Group

As a member of Nordic Travel Retail Group Companized are part of a network which actively represents the interests of the Nordic travel retail industry.

Our industry association have more than 50 members which are companies involved in supplying and retailing goods to travelling consumers in airports and onboard ferries and airlines throughout the Nordic Region.

Nordic Travel Retail Group