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Corporate social responsibility


We document all our actions during the production process. We offer full test reports and quality reports on delivery to secure openness. This guarantees both us and our clients the highest possible quality standards. It is our priority to have a close dialogue with our partners. We visit our partners’ production sites when possible to secure an open line for communications regarding the production.

We also prioritize the social conditions on our partners’ sites. We cooperate with companies who offer the relevant social certifications such as BSCI or/and SEDEX that live up to our customers’ requests.

metal recycles forever

Tin is 100% recyclable and is therefore one of the most sustainable packaging materials on the market today. When choosing tin for your product, you take an active stand on securing a greener future.

The “METAL recycles forever™”-logo sends out a clear visual signal to your European consumers that you have actively chosen a sustainable material for your packaging. A material which, in principle, can be recycled an infinite number of times, and has a high recycling rate.

By bearing this logo, your product will contribute to sending a message to the world that metal – by comparison with many other materials – reduces the global consumption of resources.

The probably most important effects of the logo is that it helps the consumer to recycle the packaging correctly after use.


Companized has a FSC®-certified trademark license. This license grant us permission to mark our wood, cardboard and paper products with the FSC-logo if all stages of the production live up to the applicable requirements for FSC®-certified forests.

The brand guarantees that no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. The FSC® certification is also a guarantee that animals and plant life are protected and that the people working in the forest are trained and receive proper safety equipment and salary.

As the world’s only global organization, FSC has support from WWF, Greenpeace and Forests of the World as well as social organizations as the BAT-cartel and companies from all over the world.

Read more about FSC


We work directly with factories in China – without agents or middlemen – and therefore we control all of the production processes from development of prototype to colour adjustment and freight ourselves.

We also take care of development of 3D and technical drawings. Vi receive the finished sample for approval and help approve the purchase of materials from sub-contractors (in-line inspection).

We secure quality control (final QC), decides on the best sea or air freight according to time and pricing and we take care of repacking at own warehouse or delivery directly to the customer as requested.

AQL 4.0

Our Danish purchasers travel regularly to China to carry out quality control on all goods at the factories. We use the international standard AQL 4.0 for the purposes of the quality test.


Companized is registered with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, and therefore we are subject to regular checks with respect to legislation on wholesale trade and food contact materials.

Companized products are always evaluated and documented in accordance with the following EU legislation for food contact materials:

  • EU directive 1907/2006 concerning REACH, and appendix XVII 
  • EU directive 1935/2004/EC concerning food contact materials
  • EU directive 10/2011 concerning food contact materials made of plastic
  • EU directive 94/62/EC and amendment 2004/12/EC concerning the heavy metal content in food contact materials
  • EU directive 2023/2006/EC – ”good manufacturing practice” (GMP) for production of food contact materials
  • Declaration no. 822 of 26 June 2013 concerning food contact materials Products, varnish and coatings are tested to see if they meet the following standards:
  • LFGB
  • EN1186 Migration test
  • EN13130:2004 Migration test of bisphenol

See control reports from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration here (Danish website)


We are always looking for new ways to sharpen our sustainability focus. By actively taking action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we hope to evolve our common frame of reference with customers, partners and clients. We are already doing everything we can to meet the goals in our daily work. Cutting back on the use of resources, using sustainable materials and creating products of high quality that lasts a long time is simply the way we do business.

We want to commit to making a difference and fight for a greener future. By narrowing our focus down to four specific UN goals, we strive even harder to change our daily routines for the better. At the same time, it becomes easier for us to anchor our focus in our daily tasks, conversations and reasoning and thereby share our beliefs with clients and partners and making a difference globally.

The four development goals

We have chosen to focus our work to these four goals:

8: Decent work and economic growth

11: Sustainable cities and communities

12: Responsible consumption and production

17: Partnerships for goals

For everyone of us at Companized it simply comes down to turning goals and strategic plans into real life action. This is a continuous touch point for us and we are committed to it with the wish for contributing to a sustainable change. We believe in taking a stand, standing by it and doing our best to live up to it every single day.


ESG is a standard used to determine how responsible a company is within three areas: Environmental, Social and Governance.

As of January 2024, the EU requires all large public companies, as well as companies with more than 250 employees, to report their ESG data. Later on, all companies, both private and public, will most likely be subject to the same regulation.

The ESG key figures are relevant to us as a business partner and manufacturer and to our customers. At Companized we have worked on establishing and quality-assuring the procedures of our processes to the best of our ability for a long time; we will continue doing so and improve our endeavours along the way. This is to be as transparent as possible and take responsibility for our part of the production process.


As a member of Nordic Travel Retail Group, Companized are part of a network which actively represents the interests of the Nordic travel retail industry.

Our industry association have more than 50 members which are companies involved in supplying and retailing goods to travelling consumers in airports and onboard ferries and airlines throughout the Nordic Region.